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Plan a getaway to the Croatian island of Hvar. Beaches, crystal water, and breathtaking sunsets away on this lovely island in the Adriatic.

Hvar is the most well-known of Croatia’s islands. It is the fourth largest and longest island in Croatia. This lovely Island is renowned for its sapphire water, lavender fields, 2,800 hours of sunlight each year, lively nightlife, and as a summer retreat for the wealthy and famous.

Its relaxing beaches, crystal-clear waters, incredible sunsets, and picture-perfect old town, offer a serene and relaxing atmosphere. You may stroll to an Ancient Fortress for sunrise and then spend the rest of the day relaxing by the yacht-filled Riviera, lovely pebbled beach, or even a vineyard.

This article will walk you through planning a vacation to this lovely town filled with unique and magical moments.

Turquoise sea of Hvar Island, Croatia.

Turquoise sea of Hvar Island, Croatia. Photo by xbrchx via iStock by Getty Images

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How to Get to Hvar

Hvar is 68 kilometers (42 miles) long and lies off the Dalmatian coast. It is located between the Croatian islands of Brac, Vis, and Korula. If traveling from the mainland, you must first get to Split or Drvenik and then take the boat. 

If flying, the finest airports to fly into are Split, Dubrovnik, and Brac.

What to See in Hvar

Here are some lovely places you can’t afford to miss on your trip to Hvar.

St. Stephen’s Square

Hvar Town’s social core is located at St Stephen’s Square. It’s readily described as a sophisticated historic site where residents and visitors gather to pass the time. Simply sit on one of the restaurant’s terraces, have a drink, and soak up the mood!

This charming stoned square is home to Venetian architecture, an imposing cathedral, the Arsenal, and a tangle of restaurant-filled side alleyways leading to the old town. It is the largest square in Dalmatia.

Hvar Croatia

St. Stephen’s Square in Hvar. Photo by xbrchx via iStock by Getty Images

Dubovica Beach

This beautiful beach is a must-see! Aside from the main road, parking is restricted, and getting to the beach from the road is a bit of a walk. However, the work is worth it. 

The beach is private, consisting of small rounded stones, and despite being off-the-beaten-path, it becomes fairly crowded. Two beach restaurants provide food and beverages. Although there is little shelter, dives in the brilliant blue Adriatic should keep you cool. 

Hvar Croatia

Idyllic beach in the hidden cove of Dubovica on Hvar Island. Photo by xbrchx via iStock by Getty Images

What to Do in Hvar

Here are some activities to engage in during your visit to Hvar, Croatia. 

Explore the Pakleni Islands

If the budget allows, you can organize a party and rent a small yacht for a short boat ride. This allows you to easily visit any bay, lagoon, island, or restaurant you like. 

Hvar Croatia

Pakleni Islands, Dalmatia region of Croatia. Photo by xbrchx via iStock by Getty Images

You can also start your day with natural bathing on the islands, followed by cliff diving, snorkeling, and dinner at a Palmizana restaurant.

Explore the Ancient Hvar Town

Hvar Town is the largest ‘city’ on the island, despite having a population of little over 3,000 people. Even if you aren’t staying in Hvar Town, you will undoubtedly travel through it sometime during your visit.

Hvar Croatia

Old Town Hvar. Photo by amilat via iStock by Getty Images

You may charter a luxury yacht to sail across to the lovely Pakleni Islands from Hvar Town. You can then relax on the nearby beaches without care. 

Hike to the high walls of the Spanish Fortress in Hvar Town to learn about the island’s turbulent history of battle and invasion and get the most extraordinary perspective of the city below.

Accommodation in Hvar

Accommodations in Hvar Town fill up quickly, especially during the summer, so it is best to book ahead of time. Places are also more pricey if you wait until the last minute. Double rooms begin from €40 per night. There are several Airbnbs, hotels, and hostels to choose from.

Hvar Croatia at night

The lights of the old town reflect in the waters of the port of the historic Hvar Town on the island Hvar in Croatia at night. Photo by Barbara Vallance via iStock by Getty Images

Best Time to Visit

The ideal time to visit the island is during the shoulder seasons, April to early June, and September through October.

The island is particularly pleasant not just because the days are long and the sea is warm but also because the crowds are less and more manageable. Furthermore, food and drink prices are lower during the shoulder season.

Visiting during the high summer months of mid-June to August means contending with upwards of 20,000 daily tourists to the island, which is unsustainable and detrimental to Hvar’s calm.

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When You Visit Hvar

A visit to the ancient breathtaking town of Hvar is an adventure not to be missed by anyone. So, why not book that trip and enjoy this lovely experience? When you’re ready to set out for Hvar, check out Wander for international travel tips and information on visiting Europe. 

Plan a getaway to the Croatian island of Hvar. Beaches, crystal water, and breathtaking sunsets away on this lovely island in the Adriatic.


Hvar Travel Guide

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