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Renters were safeguarded by a federal ban on removals at the start of the outbreak, mostly as a clause in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and afterwards as a directive from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Supreme Court declared the CDC’s moratorium illegal in August 2021. What if the following content piece carries the popular states for renting an apartment in the United States? Therefore, to know more about it in detail, let’s delve inside the following segments one after another.  

As per the InterNations, the cost of housing in the US is quite reasonable when compared to average salaries. The location and the kind of lodging you select, nevertheless, affect expenses. 

The US offers a wide range of housing options, from a suburban house with either a white picket fence to a contemporary loft apartment in the heart of the city.

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States To Rent An Apartment

For the majority of American households, property is the single largest expenditure. 33.1% of the average household’s budget goes toward accommodation. Families experience the effects when mounting expenditures dramatically surpass expanding earnings, as they have been doing for the past few years.

Moreover, it is also important to have a look over the Texas lease agreement which is a legal contract that outlines the conditions of a rental property.

The standard rent in America is $1,326 per month. Prices for individuals who want to move are significantly greater. Currently, the average monthly seeking rent for single-family homes is $2,018 whereas the average monthly asking rent for apartments is $1,659.

A growing discrepancy amongst supply and demand is the cause of soaring rents. Initially, growing housing costs have made many prospective buyers unaffordable, compelling them to stay in the rental market. 

The National Association of Realtors reports that in November 2021, the proportion of first-time purchasers dropped to 26%, the least level since 2014. 

The increase in property prices since 2022 has priced out more than nine million potential purchasers. As COVID-19 rules loosen, more persons have started migrating out on their own during the same moment. 

The Washington Post reports that “the total number of U.S. households increased by 1.48 million last year.”

Best States To Rent An Apartment

At $2,399 per month, Hawaii seems to have the greatest average rent in the country. In Hawaii, the average asking rent is considerably costlier, at $2,850 for unoccupied units seeking new tenants. 

Honolulu rents typically cost $2,528 per month. Hawaii also has one of the largest average yearly wages in the US, at $80,729 per year.

With a median renter paying $1,844 a month, California has the second-highest rental in the country. Statewide, an empty unit rents for an average asking price of $3,000 per month. Six California metros rank in the top ten most costly economies in the nation, a testament to the state’s well-known exorbitant cost of living. 

With an average monthly asking rent of $3,199 for unoccupied units, San Jose is at the top of the list. The typical rent in the neighborhood has increased by sixteen percent annually to $2,432 per month. 

The median rent in San Francisco is $2,111 per month, while the monthly asking rent for new renters in unoccupied apartments is $3,157. With prices 20% greater than in 2021, San Diego experienced the state’s largest increase in average rent rates.

Tenants in the District of Columbia spend an average of $1,785 per month on their rent, which ranks third most in the country. The typical asking price for unoccupied apartments is $2,174. 

Remarkably, approximately two-thirds of the real estate market in Washington, D.C., is made up of renters.

Florida really does have the sixth-highest average monthly rent in the country, at $1,686. Meanwhile, the state’s metro cities experienced the most pronounced rises in renting prices in the country, with thirteen of them experiencing hikes of 20% or above. 

Average prices rose by much more than a third in three metropolitan areas, including rents in Sarasota rising by 41% and the Cape Coral-Fort Myers region seeing a 36% jump. 

Naples-Marco Island is the country’s fastest-growing metro area, with prices rising by 44% from $1,472 in 2021 to $2,113 in 2022. For unoccupied units, the area’s typical asking rent is an astounding $5,000 per month.

Here are the states for renting an apartment:

  • Colorado ($1,534)
  • New Hampshire ($1,586)
  • Massachusetts ($1,645)
  • Maryland ($1,647)
  • New York ($1,659)
  • Florida ($1,661)
  • New Jersey ($1,679)
  • District of Columbia ($1,770)
  • California ($1,884)
  • Hawaii ($2,399)

The development in Scottsdale can offer many advantages to renters as the one of the greatest ratios amongst cities, new units under construction are equal to 12% of existing units, while there has been a 12% growth in rental properties throughout 2017.

Lawyers who focus on landlord-tenant issues can offer guidance on local regulations, how to get your deposit back, extra clauses for the lease agreement, or perhaps even assist with an advance lease termination if that is what is required. 

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Find an apartment

Final Thoughts

According to the Study in US, in the US, there is a lot of diversity in many places, including housing and lodging options. Remember that utility companies in the US differ by state and occasionally by just particular towns and cities.

Only 330,000 more new rental units were available countrywide. Building new units to meet rising needs is hampered by supply chain problems, global material shortages, and labor market challenges. 

The U.S. housing market, which, according to Yardi Matrix, is around 2 and 5 million housing units below its population’s demands, is already experiencing long-term shortfalls. 

Application fees, utility deposits, renter’s insurance, a pet deposit or monthly charge, parking and maintenance fees are additional finances you would have to budget for.

Additionally, the US tenancy rules are mostly in favor of tenants. Landlords are not allowed to discriminate on the basis of national origin, disability, religion, gender, race, or family status under the Fair Housing Act.

Hence, it is important to stay updated with the law, monitoring all the news related to the rental prices before investing in the real estate.