As is known, the hospitality industry took one of the biggest hits during the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, most businesses in this sector are still struggling to keep up due to various factors like changing marketing dynamics, rising competition, operational issues,  labour shortage, etc.

However, one of the biggest factors severely affecting the growth of these businesses is the rising inflation rate. This is especially true for all hospitality business across UK.

According to reports, a wave of closures is expected over the coming months as independents and well-known names, from Mark Hix to D&D London, look at their portfolios.

Besides, independent hotel owners and hotel chains are also struggling to stay profitable due to a substantial rise in prices for food and essential commodities, a hike in energy prices and labour shortages. After all, with such a high cost of living, raising prices cannot be the solution to all problems. 

While controlling inflation isn’t up to you, making informed decisions for your business with the right data and analytics definitely is. With advanced revenue management tools and interfaces, you can maximize your ADR and RevPar. InnQuest’s revenue management system is one of the best in the industry and comes with intelligent yield management features for revenue optimization like –

  • Manage rates from any sector quickly and easily with daily, weekly, monthly and customizable package options.
  • Derived and hybrid rates make managing many rate structures as easy as adjusting one rate.
  • Valuable analytics about past and future performance is provided to make better rate management decisions through customizable graphs and detailed reporting.

“InnQuest software provided us with the tools necessary to compete with the larger chains.”
– Ayres Hotels

While inflation will be a problem over the short term, the good news for hoteliers is that the demand for travel is not expected to slow down, as travellers continue to seek getaways for the holiday season and beyond. Meanwhile for hoteliers, there are tools at their disposal to maximise revenue, despite the economic challenges that lie ahead.

In conclusion, understanding the science of demand forecasting and price optimization plays a key role in the overall success of your business.

And with such constant changes and uncertainties in the industry, now is the best time to invest in a powerful hotel management software.

InnQuest’s award-winning Property Management System, roomMaster Anywhere™ enables hoteliers to deliver the best experience to their guests by optimizing their business operations end-to-end. With 100 years of combined actual hotel management experience, InnQuest software’s full suite of products is designed and supported by hoteliers for hoteliers! Book a demonstration of our hotel management software here.

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